Electric Arc Torches

Thermach's line of electric arc torches are designed and built to handle a wide range of jobs. From anti-skid coatings, surface build up or corrosion resistant coatings, Thermach has a torch that can handle the job. Built tough and designed to be long lasting, the torches are also easy to maintain.

AT-400 Standard Torch

Thermach's standard torch is light weight and useful in a wide range of applications. Whether spraying by hand, or mounted to a manipulator, this torch can handle the job with ease. With patented quick change wire guides, the torch is both easy to maintain and durable.

Standard torch features include:

  • Light-weight for hand spraying applications (Optional control boxes available)
  • Handles multiple wire feedstock sizes - 14 gauge, 11 gauge and 2mm (requires different wire guides)
  • Sprays 14 gauge wire 10 feet and 11 gauge wire 15 feet from the console
  • Wide selection of Air Caps to match desired coating
  • Easily mounted for stationary or manipulation applications

  • Also available in an 1/8" wire version
    • Designed for spraying corrosion resistant coatings
    • Sprays 1/8" zinc or harder 11 gauge wire feedstock
AT-400 Pull Torch

Thermach's Push/Pull torch is designed for installations where the coax cables between the console and the torch are longer than 10 feet. The drive mechanism in the torch provides tension on wire feed stock such as aluminum bronze and other soft wires. The extra assistance avoids situations where the wire feed stock has a tendency to "slinky" in the coax cables and cause downtime due to wire mis-feeding.

Push/Pull torch features include:

  • Handles multiple wire feed stock sizes - 14 gauge and 2mm (requires different wire guides)
  • Easily mounted for stationary or manipulation applications
  • Stationary or manipulator mount
AT-400 Arc Spray Extension

Thermach's line of extension torches allow narrow spray patterns for coating seams for tube mill applications, or when interior bore coatings are required.

Extension torch features include:

  • Availability in 6, 12, 24, & 36" standard lengths
  • Handles 14 gauge and 11 gauge wire sizes (requires different wire guides)
  • Interior spray bore clearance down to a minimum of 3 1/4"
  • Easily mounted for stationary or manipulation applications
    • The 6" extension is designed for narrow spray pattern, straight-ahead applications. Especially useful for tube mill applications
    • Optional radial air tube available for the 12, 24, and 36" extensions to achieve spray patterns up to 90°

To learn more about the AT-400 Electric Arc Torches, please call (920) 779-4299, or contact us by email.

Download the AT-400 Wire Arc Spray System sales brochure in .pdf format now.