AT-400 Two Wire Arc Spray System

Imagine having the power of a 400 amp spray system with one-fifth the maintenance costs of regular systems. Thermach Inc. is proud to present the AT-400 Wire Arc Spray System, offering high performance and unbeatable power.

This specially designed system ensures low operator fatigue and significantly reduced maintenance costs. Because the AT-400 system uses the "push" method, the driving force is a bigger, more robust wire drive motor located within the control console instead of the torch. Pull-type systems cannot offer the power or the lightweight (2.5lb.) torch of the AT-400.

AT-400 Twin Wire Electric Arc System

Other features that the AT-400 Wire Arc Spray System offers are:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low operator fatigue
  • Patented quick change wire guide system
  • Quick change wire drive rolls

Unique capabilities such as:

  • Re-settable LCD wire counter
  • Re-settable LCD timer
  • Pre-flow and Burn back air adjustments
  • Remote/Local Voltage/Amperage control
  • Display hold adjustment

To learn more about the AT-400 Wire Arc Spray System, please call (920) 779-4299, or contact us by email.

Download the AT-400 Wire Arc Spray System sales brochure in .pdf format now.