AT-1200 High Pressure Rotary Powder Feeder

AT-1200 High Pressure Rotary Powder Feeder

Thermach's AT-1200HP Rotary Powder Feeder is designed specifically for HVOF systems. This powder feeder is similar in design to the AT-1200, implementing the same durable electrical controls and proven reliability. The difference, however, lies in the canister assembly, where several upgrades have been made to create the AT-1200HP's canister design. These upgrades raise the maximum canister pressure to 150 PSI. The ability to handle this pressure allows the AT-1200HP to be used with HVOF systems that normally could not use the current design of rotary powder feeder. An additional benefit to this design is that maintenance parts, such as powder wheels, surface rings, wiper rings, etc., which are used on the AT-1200 and other similar powder feeders, are interchangeable with the AT-1200HP.

Features of the AT-1200HP Rotary Powder Feeder include:

  • 32 RPM Motor (Standard)
  • Closed-loop wheel speed control
  • 150 PSI (1034 kPa / 10.3 bar) maximum pressure
  • 115 VAC (Standard), 230 VAC (Available) & 50 / 60Hz capable
  • 205 cubic inch capacity (3359 ml)
  • Remote control capable
  • +/- 2% feed accuracy

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