AT-1200 Extreme High Pressure Rotary Powder Feeder

AT-1200 Extreme High Pressure Rotary Powder Feeder

The AT-1200VFHP Rotary Powder Feeder has been designed for cold spray applications where back pressure of up to 1000 PSI might be encountered. This powder feeder is similar mechanically and electrically to the AT-1200 and AT-1200HP. The significant difference is in the design of the canister, As with all of Thermach's powder feeders, maintenance parts, such as powder wheels, surface rings, wiper rings, etc., which are used on the standard AT-1200 and other similar powder feeders, are interchangeable.

For added safety, each AT-1200VFHP canister assembly is U-Stamped, signifying it was built and approved per the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Also, each canister assembly is registered as U-Stamped with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Features of the AT-1200HPHV Rotary Powder Feeder include:

  • 32 RPM motor (Standard)
  • Closed-loop wheel speed control
  • U-Stamped for 1000 PSI (6894.8 kPa / 68.9 bar) maximum pressure
  • 115 VAC (Standard), 230 VAC (Available) & 50 / 60Hz capable
  • Canister volume of 205 cubic inches (3359 ml)
  • Remote control capable
  • +/- 2% feed accuracy
  • Each AT-1200VFHP is made to order.

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