AT-6000 Weight Loss System

The AT-6000 Scale System, a closed-loop weight-loss control that is compatible with our AT-1200 series powder feeders. When combined together, the AT-6000 monitors weight-loss over a given time and corrects powder feeder rpm to achieve feed rate set point within a tolerance of +/-2 grams per minute from a full to an empty canister.

AT-6000 Weight Loss System

Features of the AT-6000 Weight Loss System include:

  • PLC based system
  • Easy to use touch window interface
  • Accurate feed rate calculated on wight loss
  • Vibration tolerant
  • Standalone operation capable
  • Compatible with the AT-3000 console
  • Compatible with AT-1200, AT-1200HP and AT-1210 rotary powder feeders

To learn more about the AT-6000 Weight Loss System, please call (920) 779-4299, or contact us by email.

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