Consumables - Arc

Just a small sample of the line of consumables available from Thermach

High Velocity Air Caps

High Velocity Air Caps

BP400 Air Cap and Sheild

BP-400 Air Cap & Shield

BP400 Wire Guides

BP-400 Wire Guides

Drive Rolls

Wire Drive Rolls

AT-400 Fan Spray Air Caps

AT-400 Fan Spray Air Cap

AT-400 Wire Guides

Patented AT-400
Wire Guides

BP-400 Gun Head Replacement

BP-400 Torch Replacement

Coaxial Cables

BP-400 Coaxial Cables

Other consumables include:

  • Coaxial Cable Liner
  • Control Cables
  • Power Cables
  • Air Hoses
  • Drive Housing Wire Guides

To learn more about Arc Spray Consumables please call (920) 779-4299, or contact us by email.