AT-8000 HVOF Control System

AT-8000 HVOF Console

The AT-8000 HVOF Control System is designed with all considerations towards user-friendly and safe operation. Using PLC and Touchscreen control, the user can take advantage of many features that aid in the HVOF process, such as: automatic start-up and shutdown sequences, an hour meter and settable maintenance alarm, and a series of built-in process alarms and warnings.

The system is designed with safety in mind, such that the AT-8000 can safely run Hydrogen or Propylene as a fuel gas. The AT-8000 features a built-in user-operated Safety Purge System. This purge system allows a user to power up the console into a safe condition. All of the components of the system are designed so that all electrical signals and power entering and leaving the AT-8000 console during purging are deactivated. This insures that a dangerous condition prior to purging does not exist. From alarm and warning settings that include automatic safety shutdown sequences, to external components that send alarm feedback to the console, the AT-8000 system is designed with safety and ease of use in mind.

Standard features include:

  • Built-in user-operated Safety Purge System (Class 1 Division 2 Type Z Purging, per NFPA 496)
  • Booth and Emergency Stop Interconnections
  • Rotameter Gas Flow Control
    • Oxygen Gas Control
    • Hydrogen/Propylene Fuel Gas Control
    • Argon/Nitrogen Carrier Gas Control
  • Touchscreen/PLC Control of System Functions
    • Automatic Process Start and Stop
    • Alarms and Warnings with Automatic Safety Shutdown Sequences
    • Powder Feeder Control with Closed Loop RPM Control (when using 0-15 RPM AT-1200 Powder Feeders)
  • Process hour meter with settable maintenance alarm
  • 10 Ton Heat Exchanger with alarm feedback to console

Optional Features/Equipment:

  • Automatic Flame Ignition
  • Automatic Flame Detection
  • Manipulation/Robot Interface
HV2000 Torch with accessories

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