Whether its Electric Arc, Plasma, or HVOF, Thermach has your solution. We offer the highest quality thermal spray equipment, consumables, machining, and manufacturing. Thermach has the experience to help select the best process for your thermal coating needs. To make an inquiry about a specific process or product, please contact us. Utilize our new chat+ feature to get connected with the correct person for your application.


Extreme temperatures make safety the primary consideration for Thermach Plasma coating systems. The ability to run Hydrogen as a secondary gas, a built-in safety purge system, component design, and robust warnings and alarms improve safety while maintaining ease of use.

Electric Arc

Thermach systems are specially designed to help lower operator fatigue and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Our AT-400 system uses the “push” method, the driving force is a bigger, more robust wire drive motor located within the control console instead of the torch. Our lightweight AT-400 torch with quick change wire guides delivers ergonomic benefits unavailable with any other system.


The high temperatures and high velocity present in High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel processes make safety paramount.

Thermach HVOF systems are the perfect mix of safety and performance. Easy-to-use controls, high-impact visual alarms, and a NEMA 12 enclosure provide accurate control over gauge and flow of ceramic and metallic coatings for the optimum corrosion resistance your customers expect.